06+ TRX450ER Kick Start Conversion Kit

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Electric Start Plug, Capacitor, Fenders, etc. are not stocking items, and will typically have a lead time of 2-3 business days.

06+ Honda TRX450ER Kick Start Conversion Kit
This kit allows you to add a kick start setup to your electric start TRX450ER. 

The basic kit is for those looking to keep the electric start and add kick start to there ATV. 
Basic Kit (Add Kick Start, Keep Electric Start) includes:
-Kick Starter Gears
-Kick Stater Shaft
-Kick Starter Misc. Hardware (Brackets, Bolts, Cir-Clips, Washers, Etc.)
-Kick Starter Bearings
-Kick Starter Arm
-Required Gaskets and Required Seals

If you wish to eliminate the electric start, several other parts are required.
Kick Start Conversion Kit (Add Kick Start Remove Electric Start) includes:
-All Above Parts
-Electric Start Hole Plug for Cases
-Capacitor (Capacitor is for the headlights, not required to keep engine running. It allows you to remove the battery, and but keeps headlights from dimming at low RPM. Requires Modification to ER Wiring Harness)
-Kick Start Wiring Harness (Optional, Change Wiring Harness to avoid having to modify your harness to add capacitor)

Please Note: ER Rear Fenders do not have a area for the Kick Start Lever to fold into the rear plastics. ER Plastics must be modified to allow kickstart arm to fold in flush with rear plastics. Other Option is to purchase Rear Fenders from the R model, which has an area for the kick start arm. Several Aftermarket Brands also offer Kick Start Inserts for the ER Rear Fenders that just replace Front Right Hand Corner of the ER rear fenders.