CP Piston Options (Add-ons to off the shelf pistons)

CP Pistons offers many add on features to make an even higher performing piston that is available off the shelf. This add on options include Lateral Gas Ports, Piston Skirt Coating, Ceramic Crown Coating, and DLC wrist pins.

Here is the information you need to know about these add on feature to decide if these features are for you.

-Lateral Gas Porting:

Gas Porting is a great option to get better ring seal and higher performance. Gas Porting is available in 2 different variations, Lateral and Vertical gas porting. Lateral Gas Porting is a series of small channels machined in the top edge of the top ring land. These channels allow compression pressure and combustion pressure to get behind the top ring and help force the ring against the cylinder wall for better ring seal. Vertical Gas Ports apply the same theory and concept as the lateral gas ports, but instead of ports machined in the top of the ring land, their is hole drilled from the top of the piston around the edge of the piston crown. These holes are drilled into the back of the top ring land to apply the compression and combustion pressure to the back of the top ring just like the lateral gas ports.

We prefer and recommended the lateral gas ports over the vertical gas ports because carbon buildup could clog the vertical gas ports and they will stop providing the pressure to the back of the top ring, reducing ring seal. The better ring seal provided by the gas porting allows you to get better ring seal without having to increase ring tension. This is optimal over increase ring tension because increase ring tension results in more friction against the cylinder wall.

-Moly Piston Skirt Coating:

CP applies a coating of molybdenum to the piston skirts. This coating helps reduce friction between piston skirt and cylinder wall during normal engine operation. This coating also helps lubricate during cold start-ups and high temperature operation when a substandard oil barrier between piston and cylinder. This coating helps increase power output of the engine and help increase reliability of the engine in case there is not quite the oil lubrication required, especially when first starting the engine.

-Ceramic Piston Crown Coating:

This Ceramic Coating is an excellent thermal barrier between the piston and the combustion temperatures. This helps decrease the overall piston temperature for increase reliability. It also help reflect the heat back into the burning fuel charge, for a more efficient and complete fuel burn. This coating increases reliability and increase performance and fuel efficiency.

-DLC Wrist Pin:

These wrist pins are the highest performance wrist pins available. They are the highest quality and have many performance advantages over standard wrist pins. These wrist pins are made from 9130 Steel. The DLC applied to these wrist pins is a metal free carbon coating is harder than steel. This coating provides unsurpassed durability and performance over any other coated pins available on the market today. This coating offers improved abrasive wear resistance, extended service life, and improved reliability under the extreme conditions of the modern racing engines out today. 

These pin offers:

-Increased Service Hardness

-Improved Surface Quality

-Extremely Low Coefficient of Friction

-1 Micron Surface Finish

-Pins are Case Hardened using a computerized gas process

-Weight Tolerance is within +/- 1 gram

-Pin Ends are precision ground and inner radius for not stress risers

-Pins are Cryogenically treated (subzero heat treatment process) for improved material durability and better grain structure and flow through the entire wrist pin.