04-05 Honda TRX450R 575cc Big Bore Stroker Kit

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04-05 Honda TRX450R 575cc Engine Rebuild Kit

This kit is great for duners, hillshooters, and drag racers. This kit provides a Torque and HP increase that cannot be matched by any other kit on the market.

This Kit includes:

-JSD Machine Works 4.2mm Stroker Crankshaft. This Crankshaft is an OEM Crankshaft that has been modified to increase the overall stroke from stock 64.8mm to 69mm. We then use a Custom Stock Length Carrillo Rod and Pin and Bearing from the OEM Manufacturer. The Crankshaft is pressed together, trued, balanced, and welded.

-103mm 14:1 Custom CP piston. This Piston is designed for the 06+ TRX450R and 02-08 CRF450R. They are a 2 ring design to get lighter weight and less cylinder wall friction for more Torque and HP. Piston includes vertical gas ports to provide better ring seal. Piston has large and deep valve pockets to clear oversize valves and high lift camshafts. Piston also includes underdome milling for light weight piston for increase performance.

-103mm CPI Big Bore Cylinder.

-103mm Cometic Top End Gasket Kit. These Top End Gasket Kits are the top gaskets available, and all we use for all our big bore and stroker applications.

-OEM Main Bearings and Seals. We include OEM Main Bearings and Seals because they are the highest quality bearings available.

-OEM Cam Chain. The OEM Cam Chain is included because it is of the highest quality available, and it is all we run in our own engines that use stock length cam chains.

-OEM Bottom End Gasket Kit. The OEM Bottom End Gasket Kit is the Highest Quality available for the Honda TRX450R. They do not require any RTV silicon to seal any matting surface and include all the gaskets, O-rings, and sealing washers needed for the entire bottom end.

-OEM Spark Plug seal, Valve cover bolt seals, and Head Cover Gasket. These OEM Parts provide and Complete Top End Gasket kit when combined with the 97mm Cometic Top End Gasket Kit.


Crankcase Requires Machine Work to fit Cylinder Skirt. Other Modifications such as Head Porting, Camshafts, Valves and Valve Springs, Intake, Exhaust are not required but highly recommended to get the most power and Torque from this kit.