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Core Charge Policy

JSD Machine Works Core Core Charge Policy.

JSD Machine Works charges Core Charges on many products. Core Charges are charged when cores are required to manufacture a product. If a Core Charge is required. You typically have the option to send the core in before the product is shipped out or you have the option to pay a core charge and get the parts shipped out immediately.

Core Requirements:

Cores need to be OEM parts (except otherwise noted). Cores must be in rebuild-able condition. Rebuild-able condition is at the discretion of JSD Machine Works and our Suppliers (if parts are purchased from a supplier). If parts are deemed un-rebuild-able, Core charge refund will be denied and JSD Machine Works will ship back core at customers expense. If the damage is repairable, but does not fall under rebuild-able condition, JSD Machine Works reserves the right to accept the core and may offer a complete or partial refund, or deny the core and ship it back at the customers expense.

Core Return Policy (Please read completely before shipping cores):

JSD Machine Works will send a Core Return Sheet with the parts shipment if the purchaser payed the core charge. This Core Return Sheet will contain important information about returning the core to JSD Machine Works for a core charge refund. This paper will contain information about packaging the cores to prevent damage during shipping, the core return address, and other important information for the Core Return. Please review with sheet before returning cores to JSD Machine Works. 

Cores must be received within 60 days from the date of purchase (unless otherwise noted) to be eligible for a core charge refund.

Please include Order # and Billing Address Name in the package with your cores. If these items are not included in the package, we will not know who to refund the core charge to and the core charge will not be refunded. If the invoice and the billing address name do not match, or the order # provided does not show that you payed the core charge, the core charge will not be refunded. All cores received without Order / Invoice # and Billing Address Name will become the property of JSD Machine Works after 60 days. If you believe you accidentally sent in your cores without the required information, Please Contact us immediately, and provide the shipped from address used on the shipping label of the core return, as well as your order / invoice # and billing address name.

After JSD Machine Works receives the cores, we will do an inspection of the core to make sure it meets our core requirements and does not have any damage. This inspection typically takes about 1-3 business days after core is received (Cores that have to be shipped to Outside Suppliers may have longer inspection times, as well as shipping time, Inspection / Refund time on these cores may be up to 3-4 weeks). After the Core passes inspection, a core charge refund will be issued to the purchasing account.

JSD Machine Works only refunds the account used during purchase, we do not offer refunds in any other form.

When you package the core, please be sure to package the cores so they are protected and will not get damaged during shipping. JSD Machine Works is not responsible for any damage to cores during shipping. If cores are damaged during shipping, JSD Machine Works will reject the cores if the cores are not repairable, or will offer a complete or partial refund if the damage is repairable.

Core Charge Refund Policy:

JSD Machine Works reserves the right to offer a complete, partial, or deny the core refund, based on core condition. If the Core meets the core requirements, we will refund the complete core charge to the purchasing account. If core charge is not refundable, (such as damaged cores, incorrect cores, etc.) JSD Machine Works will contact you. If Cores are denied, Cores can be shipped back to customer at customers expense. Cores left for 60 days will become property of JSD Machine Works.

If you have any questions about returning cores or our core return policy, Please contact us immediately.

If you have cores that you are looking to get rid of, but are not buying any products. JSD Machine Works may be looking for cores for some applications. Please contact JSD Machine Works and we may buy your cores from you.