CP Pistons: 16+ Yamaha YXZ1000R Standard Bore Pistons (Set of 3)

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Manufacturers Part #:
M1095 (9.5:1), M1097 (11.5:1), M1096 (12.5:1)
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Standard Bore CP Pistons for the 16+ Yamaha YXZ1000R.

80mm Pistons available in different compression ratios. 

CP Pistons are the highest quality pistons you can buy for your ATV. To go with there high quality, they also offer many standard features that are not included in many other piston manufactures standard pistons.

CP Pistons come standard with these Features:

-Double Pin Oilers

-Accumulator Groove

-Anti Detonation Grooves

-Light-weight wrist pins

All these features allow CP to produce the best performing pistons available on the market. For more information about these features, please;click here.


Other Options are available as add-on to these pistons. These options include DLC coated wrist pins, gas porting, piston skirt coating, and piston crown coating. These options are available to be added directly to CP off the shelf pistons. no more custom pistons required. Pricing listed in the options list are per piston, multi piston engines will have an increased charge for these features. For more information on this add on features, please click here.

For pistons with 12:1+ compression ratio, we recommended 110+ octane race fuel. For any compression ratio less than 12:1, we recommended a minimum of 91+ octane pump gas. Turbo Pistons Octane requirement based on boost pressure.