Raptor 700 ARP Head Stud Kit

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Yamaha Raptor 700 ARP Head Stud Kit

This kit fits Yamaha Raptor 700 (All Years).

Includes: 6 ARP 8740 Head Studs, 6 ARP 12-Point Nuts, 6 ARP Washers, .5 oz Packet of ARP Fastener Assembly Ultra Torque Lube, and Installation Instructions. 

Increase Torque to 40 lb*ft. 

These Head Studs allow for higher torque on head nuts, allowing for better head gasket clamping force, which will keep the head gasket sealed, even in high compression, large cc, high HP applications. These kits also are a must for any boosted or nitrous applications.

These are 9mm x 1.25 Head Studs and do not require any drilling and tapping for installation.

These are stock length studs.