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04-05 TRX450R 480cc 97mm Complete Engine Rebuild Kit


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This 480cc complete engine rebuild kit includes everything need to rebuild the top and bottom end of the engine.

This 480cc Kit is great for any application, MX, Duning, XC, TT, Drag, Trails, and Desert riding. It allows the engine to produce more torque over a wider RPM range.

This Kit includes:
-97mm Big Bore Cylinder*
-97mm 13:1 CP Piston
-97mm Cometic Top End Gasket Kit
-OEM Honda Crankshaft**
-OEM Honda Bottom End Gasket Kit
-OEM Honda Cam Chain
-OEM Honda Main Bearings and Seals
-OEM Honda Valve Cover Gasket, Valve Cover Bolt Seals, Spark Plug Seal, and Exhaust gasket.

*Several Options are available for cylinders for this kit. You can choose between an OEM cylinder bored and plated, or a JSD Machine Works aftermarket cylinder. The OEM cylinders bored and plated work well in stock stroke applications and are reliable. If you plan on running a stroker crankshaft, we recommend the JSD Machine Works cylinder, as OEM cylinders have been known to crack in stroker applications.

**Several Options Available. OEM Honda Crankshaft is recommended for basic engine builds. We recommend upgrading to Carrillo Rods on Higher HP Builds (builds expected to be 60+ HP). We also offer the Option to Rebuild your Crankshaft. This Option requires you to send in your crankshaft for rebuild. We will Rebuild with a Carrillo Rod, New Crank Pin, Rod Bearing, and Thrust Washers. We will only rebuild your crankshaft, we do not have rebuilt crankshafts in stock. We do not recommend rebuilding crankshafts that have bad thrust washers, as these crankshafts will typically have damage to the crankshaft thrust surfaces that cannot economically be repaired while rebuilding.

This rebuild kit will allow you to build a reliable 480cc big bore engine. This engine kit is a drop in kit and requires no machine work or modifications needed to install this kit. Cylinder Head Porting, Cams, Bored FCR Carburetor, Exhaust Pipe, and intake kit are all highly recommended with this kit to get the most power and torque out of the engine.

We Recommend 110+ Octane race fuel with this engine kit.

Also for the high HP / high RPM engines or riders just wanting some extra peace of mind, you have the option to add a Carrillo rod to the OEM Crankshaft for the ultimate crankshaft combination.

Click Here for Information on Valve Spring Options.

Click Here for Information on Cam Chain Tensioners Options.

Click Here for Information on CP piston Features

Click Here for Information on CP Piston Add-on features.

PLEASE NOTE: OEM Cylinder Option requires customer supplied cylinders be sent in for modification. This service typically has a 2-3 week lead time. Rebuild Crankshaft Requires you Send your Crankshaft into rebuild. Typical Turnaround is 1-2 Weeks.