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RZR XP1000 Cam Chain Tensioners

Posted by JSD Machine Works on May 9th 2018

This article is about Polaris RZR XP 1000 Cam Chain Tensioners. If you are looking for information on setups available and recommended setup, this article will explain it all. 

OEM Cam Chain Tensioner:

This Cam Chain Tensioner on the RZR XP1000 is a hydraulic tensioner. Meaning it uses hydraulic pressure, provided by filling the tensioner with engine oil from the oil pump, which pressurizes the tensioner. There are several issues with this setup. After sitting, it might have lost some oil pressure in the tensioner, resulting in improper tension and the risk of the cam chain jumping time. There is also a oil relive hole in the top of the tensioner that leaks oil when the RZR is rolled. This results in the lose of oil pressure in the tenisoner and can cause improper tension and cause the timing to jump. If the timing jumps, you could lose power, or worse, cause catastrophic engine failure resulting from piston to valve contact.

Web Cams Auto Cam Chain Tensioner:

This Tensioner is an auto tensioner setup from web camshafts. This is the recommended setup in most applications, from OEM stock to complete race build. It uses a auto tensioner that will not back off like the OEM hydralic tensioner. This is recommended for most people over the manual tensioner because it doesn't require the upkeep and maintenance of the manual tensioner.

Web Cams Manual Cam Chain Tensioner:

This Tensioner is recommended for the rider that doesn't mind doing a little extra upkeep on his vehicle, and wants to have a trustworthy setup that he doesn't have to worry about the camshaft jumping time. This Tensioner is a pro series tensioner and has some additional features that allow it to be just that more user friendly. The housing is machined from aluminum for light weight, while still maintaining high strength.The easy-access socket head adjuster screw is perfect for tight spaces. The interior o-ring design ensures that repeated adjustments will not eventually flatten the o-ring against the jam nut. The bolt is broached with a 4 mm hex.