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Kawasaki KFX450R OEM Crankshaft with Carrillo Rod


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This is a Kawasaki KFX450R OEM crankshaft rebuilt with a Carrillo Rod installed, trued, and welded.

-08-14 Kawasaki KFX450R

These crankshafts are recommended for high HP engine kits that use a stock stroke crankshaft. Can also be used in turbo, nitrous, and other power adder applications where the OEM rod may not hold up.

This Crankshaft is a rebuilt OEM core. We use new OEM crank pin, new OEM rod bearing, and new Carrillo rod. The crankshaft is also trued and welded.

Core Charge Options:

Option 1: Pay $100 Core Charge. This Options allows you to return your rebuild able OEM Crankshaft within 60 days of purchase to receive refund of Core Charge.

Option 2: Purchase Outright. This Option allows purchase of crankshaft core outright, this is for people who do not have a core or who do not want to send there core back in for refund. There is no refunds given for cores if you choose this option.

Options 3: Send Core in before order ships. This Option requires your rebuild able OEM Crankshaft Core be sent in immediately after purchase. You will receive an email with instructions for core return, usually within 1 business day of purchase. Once we receive your core and inspect it, we will ship your order.